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== Welcome to {{SITENAME}}! ==
[[File:Village-Collaborative-twitter-banner-1500x500.jpg|alt=Emerald Village - Eugene, Oregon|none|thumb|800x800px|Emerald Village - Eugene, Oregon]]
This Main Page was automatically created by a wiki creator (a volunteer who created this wiki per a request), and it seems it hasn't been replaced yet.
This is an open, community site for the '''Village Collaborative''', a network for collaboration on Village Model for homelessness and affordable housing. Anyone can create or edit pages on projects and topics relevant to our community -- you just need to [[Special:CreateAccount|<u>create an account</u>]] and confirm email address.
=== MostFor recentthe bureaucrat(s) of this wiki ===
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'''Inventory of Tiny House Villages for the homeless in the United States'''.
You can immediately start working on your wiki, whenever you want.
<u>[].</u> Map and spreadsheet-style project listing, downloadable.
Need help? No problem! We will help you with your wiki as needed. To make a start we have added a few links about working with MediaWiki:
Done by professor Krista Evans and student researcher team from Missouri State University, 2019-2020.
* <span class="plainlinks">[[mw:Special:MyLanguage/Help:Contents|MediaWiki guide (e.g. navigation, editing, deleting pages, blocking users)]]
* [[meta:FAQ|Miraheze FAQ]]
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==== But Miraheze, I still don't understand X! ====
Like PDX Shelter Forum's [ <u>matrix describing Portland villages</u>] (June 2020), it attempts to describe details like initial and operating costs, rents, dwelling sizes, facilities. It lists 35 villages as open and operating, out of 115 total listings, and is offered as an open resource.
Well, that's no problem. Even if something isn't explained in the documentation/FAQ, we still are happy to help you. You can find us here:
* [[meta:Help center|On our own Miraheze wiki]]
* On [[phab:|Phabricator]]
* On [ Discord]
* On IRC in #miraheze on ([ircs:// direct link]; [ webchat])
=== For a visitor of this wiki ===
It's from and discussed in this recently published paper:<blockquote>Evans, Krista (2020). "Tackling Homelessness with Tiny Houses: An Inventory of Tiny House Villages in the United States." ''The Professional Geographer'', 29 Apr 2020. <nowiki></nowiki>.</blockquote>Mapping such villages is one of the purposes of the Village Collaborative network and we are mentioned in the paper. Their spreadsheet & map are a large and welcome boost to our so-far less-systematic, more community-grown effort. However, it isn't clear if or how they will continue building and updating this list; and they used a relative narrow criteria for inclusion, including only projects self-indentifying as "tiny house village" and dedicated to the homeless. This leaves out many projects which may self-describe or be described as 'villages' which don't for various reasons use term "tiny house": including most of those in Portland -- Right 2 Dream Too, Clackamas Veterans Village, Hazelnut Grove, C3PO sites, Kenton Women's Village.
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For Village Collaborative we plan to incorporate the Missouri group's inventory, in our effort to map and document and support a wider range of alternative shelter and villages projects, with categorization; including proposed, past, and historic ones. Some camp/village efforts were short-lived or long-gone but have ongoing importance because of their influence and documentation - for example '''Tent City Boston''' from the 1960s, '''Tranquility City''' in Chicago in 1980s, or '''Dome Village''' in Los Angeles ca.1993-2007.  Also, proposed village projects, from their earliest stages: from Village Collaborative's perspective, this may be where we can be the most helpful, to support fragile early-stage projects. Notably, the 35 projects listed as 'Open' in Missouri list almost all have functioning web presence such as a website, Facebook page, or sponsoring organization's site. Proposed or early-stage projects often don't have online presence, e.g. AfroVillage PDX.
'''<u>[[AfroVillage PDX Project]]</u> page started'''
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=== Other updates ===
24 April 2020: added proposed logo 16 April 2020: CONFIRMED custom domain setup ( and SSL certificate. -tm
8 April, 2020: site set up by for Tim McCormick, Village Collaborative. -tm.
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=== About ===
Village Collaborative was started in 2014 by Andrew Heben, founder of [ SquareOne Villages], non-profit in Eugene, Oregon, USA. It included:
* the Web site, [], with material from Andew's 2014 book ''Tent City Urbanism;''
* Facebook group, the main community area today: (please join us!)
* Network Map of village / camp projects anywhere we know about or members enter when joining group.
Since 2017 or so [check date -tm], Village Collaborative has mostly been managed by [ <u>Tim McCormick</u>], a housing advocate/researcher and longtime friend of SquareOne Villages.
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=== To Do ===
- create and deploy new, headless version of logo
- increase default font size
- request installation of GoogleDocsTag and GoogleDocCreator plugins (on both VC and HousingWiki wikis)
- install favicon file (icon that appears in tabs, etc)
- select and port/copy relevant pages from HousingWiki.
- [ask/test Miraheze account privileges sharing b/t HW, VC wiki]
- styles: see if line spacing can be changed to allow soft breaks (i.e., no extra line spacing for shift-enter)
- styles: check on how to enable tabs
- UI: edit left column items. [suggested items: Main page; About; Create Page; Upload File; Index / Site Map; Special Pages (in Admin)
- UI: top right options: remove Dark mode, Beta, Watchlist, Contributions
- UI: can Save Changes confirmation dialog box be simplified / removed?
<s>- choose logo</s>
<s>- edit logo to put full name in</s>
<s>- install logo</s>
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