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This is an open, community site for the Village Collaborative, a network for collaboration on Village Model for homelessness and affordable housing. Anyone can create or edit pages on projects and topics relevant to our community -- you just need to create an account and confirm email address.

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AfroVillage PDX Project page started

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24 April 2020: added proposed logo 16 April 2020: CONFIRMED custom domain setup ( and SSL certificate. -tm 8 April, 2020: site set up by for Tim McCormick, Village Collaborative. -tm.


Village Collaborative was started in 2014 by Andrew Heben, founder of SquareOne Villages, non-profit in Eugene, Oregon, USA. It included:

To Do

- install favicon file (icon that appears in tabs, etc)

- select and port/copy relevant pages from HousingWiki.

- [ask/test Miraheze account privileges sharing b/t HW, VC wiki]

- styles: see if line spacing can be changed to allow soft breaks (i.e., no extra line spacing for shift-enter)

- styles: check on how to enable tabs

- UI: edit left column items. [suggested items: Main page; About; Create Page; Upload File; Index / Site Map; Special Pages (in Admin)

- UI: top right options: remove Dark mode, Beta, Watchlist, Contributions

- UI: can Save Changes confirmation dialog box be simplified / removed?

- choose logo

- edit logo to put full name in

- install logo